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KamaGames Launches New Event, April Fools’ Day

April 01, 2021

KamaGames is pleased to announce the launch of our latest challenging event, April Fools’ Day. 

Launching on April 1st, KamaGames’ latest in-game event will run for a full week, until April 7th 2021. April Fools’ Day celebrates the mischievous fun that accompanies the unexpected and in-line with this theme, KamaGames has prepared a host of surprises and awe-inspiring bonuses for players. Players who engage with this event will enjoy themed decorations, gifts at the tables, special promotions, free giveaways and a special slot, Golden Hay. Giving players even more reason to celebrate, the Golden Hay slot will host an amazing x10 prize pool!

To further add to the fun, KamaGames has arranged an April Fools’ weekly poker tournament containing x 2 rewards for players. For those who are tempted to play poker with a twist, KamaGames has secured the return of Party Week, which means each day of the event will host a different, thrilling Party mode. 

The core objective of the April Fools’ Day event is for players to engage with each of these singular features, tournaments and games, win hands and in-turn, collect in-game points which can be exchanged for rewards. As always with a KamaGames in-game event, the higher the number of points, the greater the reward to be claimed! The most ambitious of players can also grow their point balance to reach the top of the leaderboards in a global, friends and country rating system. However, players attempting to boost their status within the game or collect greater rewards can take advantage of free event boosters which will serve to multiply the points they’ve already earned.

KamaGames’ recent focus on in-game events ensures that, not only do players get the opportunity to experience our full range of unique features and entertaining games, but also be rewarded generously for their engagement. Given the popularity of these events with players, KamaGames is sincerely committed to further growing this offering in terms of quantity and quality throughout the remainder of 2021.