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KamaGames Introduces New Privileges For VIP Players

June 04, 2021

KamaGames is pleased to announce the launch of new privileges for our esteemed VIP players.

With a view of motivating and rewarding our VIPs, KamaGames has committed to regularly introducing new features and promotions for this sector of our audience to enjoy. As of today, KamaGames' growing community of VIP players can collect up to 150% additional bonuses when they win in weekly tournaments. Yet, that’s not all! VIP players can also acquire up to 600% further rewards during KamaGames’ popular daily quests. Of course, the greater the VIP level of the player, the greater the size of this bonus.

Any player can become a KamaGames VIP by devoting themselves to either playing regularly or by making in-game purchases. Currently, KamaGames’ VIP players already have access to a wealth of in-game rewards. This includes exclusive bonuses, early access to new mechanics and games, not to mention a greater return when they participate in in-game offers and promotions. 

Throughout 2021, KamaGames will continue in this trend of rewarding VIPs as a form of appreciation to our most dedicated players.