The select experts in casual and social free-to-play games.

Social free-to-play games

Portfolio of KamaGames social (NO GAMBLING*) casino games. The company holds an exclusive rights to distribute KamaGames social free-to-play games in Google Play Store.

Casual games

Fish Tales is interactive virtual aquarium simulation game for your phone & tablet.



At Wise Wave, we have devised a variety of ways to commercialize our products. Chiefly, we promote our products using the latest marketing trends, with the goal of attracting a wealth of customers. Following this, we aim to license the rights to distribute the product to third parties and ultimately, share in the profits.


As leaders in our field, Wise Wave routinely and successfully interacts with major stakeholders in the mobile gaming industry. This interaction is facilitated, not only through the development and distribution of high-quality applications but through the provision of support and technical assistance services after launch.


Given our years of experience in the industry, Wise Wave has steadily built up an impressive player database. Access to this significant database allows us to aptly test our Client-Server Apps with ease.

Development & App Distribution

Here at Wise Wave, we use our rich experience in app development to build and maintain successful, company-owned mobile applications in the casual, simulation and free-to-play spheres.

We have further employed this expertise to develop and distribute several thriving mobile applications on behalf of globally-reaching partners. Both partner and company-owned apps can be easily found across popular platforms such as the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Experience-led expertise is at the center of all we do at Wise Wave. As such, a core pillar of our success is our access to both internal and external global talents in the mobile gaming industry.


At Wise Wave, our ethos lies in employing proven and effective marketing techniques to successfully promote mobile games on a global scale. That said, we pride ourselves on being on the pulse of new and innovative marketing trends that will ultimately boost engagement for our apps. We have a wealth of experience in publishing our games, as well as those of our partners worldwide. As a company, our ultimate goal is to maximize the revenue for all parties involved in our projects.


  • 01. Innovative projects

    Work with us and you will be part of a global game development team that thrives on pushing boundaries with forward-thinking creative projects.
  • 02. Flexibility

    At Wise Wave, we understand that all our employees are different and have varying demands on their time. Given this, we offer flexible start times to accommodate all of our busy employees.
  • 03. Competitive salary

    We pay truly competitive salaries and offer some superb work benefits to attract top talent from around the globe.
  • 04. Happy birthday

    We will never forget your birthday - consider that a guarantee!

  • 05. A happy team

    Wise Wave is full of ethnically diverse, superstar talent from around the world. We have a large number of nationalities working together in harmony every day.
  • 06. Help with relocation

    We know that relocating to a different city or country is never easy. At Wise Wave, we help with finance and provide support for any other problems encountered along the way.
  • 07. Active holidays

    Wise Wave believes in the age-old tradition of working AND playing hard! We regularly organize diverse and entertaining company nights out and fun team-building exercises. Paintball anyone?
  • 08. Health care

    All of our employees benefit from substantial health care packages along with superb discounts on gym memberships!


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