Our company develops mobile applications. We do that either internally or by outsourcing some of the work globally. The company has been specialising in developing, city builder, farm type and casual, time passing games for many years now.


The company uses different ways to commercialise its products. We do that by promoting our products in order to attract customers and then license the rights to distribute those products to third parties, ultimately, sharing in the profits.


Our company cooperates with the major players in the mobile gaming industry by developing applications, selling those products to interested parties and then providing support and technical assistance services. That includes helping our partners release the products to the public via online distribution channels, like appstores and the like.


We employ proven and effective marketing techniques to successfully promote games on mobile platforms worldwide. We have a great deal of experience in publishing our games, as well as those of our partners worldwide. Our ultimate goal is to maximise the revenue for all the parties involved in our projects.


Testing of Client-Server Apps with big players DataBase. We are testing mobile apps with big amount everyday users online.



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